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Biomedical Collaborators

In order to make I AM BEAST, we worked with a group of teenagers from Haringey, London for a course of 5 weeks helping us to explore ideas and perceptions of death and loss. We also worked with a psychologist, neuroscientists and therapists.  Here's a bit more detail of them and the organisations they work for.

Dr Nick Barnes

Young People’s Psychiatrist with the Haringey Adolescent Outreach Team and Honorary Senior Lecturer University College London​

Nick was one of our primary project mentors and could use his years of experience as an adolescent psychiatrist guide our development of lot and character.  Nick also provided training for Sparkle and Dark company members before planning and running the teenage workshops in Haringey.  Nick also helped to source and recruit the worksop participants.


Dr Nick Barnes is a Young People’s Psychiatrist who has worked with children, young people and families in the London Borough of Haringey for nearly 15 years at the Haringey Adolescent Outreach Team. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London within the department of Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology.



The centre provides treatment and support to children and young people aged 12-18 with mental health, behavioural and emotional well-being needs in the Haringey, London area.


Jasmin Kroll

Researcher in Psychosis Studies at Kings College London

Jasmin Kroll

Researcher in Psychosis Studies at Kings College London

Jasmin acted as an incredibly informative consultant on the script, plot and character development of the piece.


Jasmin is a PhD student and researcher in the Department of Psychosis Studies at Kings College London.

Noelle Adames

Drama Therapist and Clinical Manager at Grief Encounter

Noelle worked with us to plan and run a course of five workshops with teenagers from Haringey.  She was crucial in helping us to structure creaive yet safe ways of exploring ideas about deaht and loss with the teenagers.  Having worked with young adults and families dealing with loss, Noelle was also on hand to advise on plot and character developments throughout the R&D process.


Noelle is a certified Drama and Movement Therapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and comes  a wide-ranging background as a professional Actress, Marriage and Family Therapist, Artist Educator, and Drama and Movement Therapist. She currently works at London based Grief Encounter.



Grief Encounter helps families address difficult issues such as death and we help make sense of the hurt and confusion. Above all, we aim to help them find ways out of the abyss of grief.



Chiara Nosarti
Head of Psychology and Outcome Studies at Kings College London / Reader of Neurodevelopment and Mental Health Studies

Chiara acted as a consultant on the script, plot and character development  of the piece.


Chiara is currently researching the processes of neuronal plasticity following preterm birth; multi-modal neuroimaging predictors of neurodevelopmental outcome in those at high risk.  She is based at King College, London.

Dr Kirsty Whitaker

Research Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute

Dr Whitaker is a Research Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute (London, UK).


She completed her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley in 2012 and holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Bristol and an MSc in Medical Physics from the University of British Columbia. She was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge from 2012 to 2017.


Dr Whitaker uses magnetic resonance imaging to study child and adolescent brain development and is a passionate advocate for reproducible neuroscience. She is a Fulbright scholarship alumna and 2016/17 Mozilla Fellow for Science. Kirstie was named, with her collaborator Petra Vertes, as a 2016 Global Thinker by Foreign Policy magazine.

Teenagers from Haringey

Though we cannot name them for security reasons, we would like to say thank you to the team of 6 teenage girls who took part in a series of five workshops during the R&D of our I AM BEAST.   In these workshops, we worked with them to explore ideas about death and loss.  They taught us a great deal about their own worlds and the show I AM BEAST could not have been made without them.  Thank you!

Helen Yates

Drama Therapist

Helen worked with us as a mentor for the teenage workshop participants.  Helen was key in ensuring the safety of the workshops and also gave crucial feedback and information regarding the show's subject matter of grief and loss.


Helen is a freelance MA, BADth, HCPC Registered Dramatherapist and actress.


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