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I AM BEAST is a new play by Sparkle and Dark Theatre Company that premiered in London and Edinburgh in 2015, gaining awards and critical acclaim. We are now casting for the 2017 National Tour funded by Wellcome Trust.


We are looking for three actors for the parts of;

Female - Ellie/Blaze 


Male - Michael/Dr Oblivion/ensemble puppeteer 


Male - Sam/Captain lightening/ensemble puppeteer

To apply, please send a CV (or spotlight link) and cover letter outlining your experience and interest in the project to Scroll down for show details and character breakdowns 


I AM BEAST tells the story of a teenage girl called Ellie, her father and a mysterious wild stranger, known as Beast. After Ellie loses her mother, her world falls apart. She seeks solace in the comic books she has loved since before she can remember. Drawn to their flickering pages of colour and adventure, Ellie recreates herself, as Blaze: a vigilante superhero in her own imaginary world of Paradise City. A world of seductive strangers. A world of endless possibility. A world away from her father and her friends; somewhere she can be a hero! And somewhere she gets to decide who lives or dies.


Then one day Beast appears. Beast is different and he changes everything. Soon, as both her fantasy life and her real life at home and school begin to fall apart, the walls between her two worlds begin to crumble and Ellie no longer knows what is real. Will anyone save her before it is too late? Can anyone save her? Or is it up to Ellie to save herself? The story is told through, puppetry, physical theatre, UV effects and a live electronic soundtrack.


The action of the play jumps between Ellie’s reality – which is stylistically naturalistic and psychologically driven – and Ellie’s fantasy, which is stylistically very different, keying into the physical and visual aesthetic of comic books and graphic novels such as Hit Girl, Watchmen, Sin City, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Widow, Jessica Jones.


Each role will involve stylised fight sequences involving heightened comic book style violence, physical storytelling and puppetry as well as a naturalistic text based approach.

Auditions are being held in London on the 5th 6th 7th and 8th of January 

Application Deadline 10am on the 2nd of January 2017

Click below to see the character breakdowns and application details:

Blaze / Ellie
Female actress
Micheal / Dr Oblivion / Clark Clarkson /
Ensemble Puppeteer
Male actor
Sam / Captain Lightening /
Ensemble Puppeteer
Male actor
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